P.O.S. System

RMS-Kiosk™ offers a complete multimedia kiosk solution for busy supermarkets, retail outlets and C-Stores.
RMS-Kiosk can combine multiple applications, and runs on any open architecture windows based Kiosk.Kiosk3
Main applications include:
• Item Locator
• Price Verifier
• Points and Promotions
• Deli Ordering

RMS-Kiosk is quickly customized with your pictures, marketing information and sound files, giving the product a unique look with the features you want.

RMS-Kiosk interfaces with POS systems, marketing programs (VRMS…), scale software (Plum, ADC) …
NEW: RMS-Kiosk allows you to create your own data interface following the RMS-XML specifications.

RMS-Kiosk Technology:

RMS-Kiosk is a web based application running under the Microsoft .NET framework.

For multi kiosk deployment, kiosks can be monitored from Corporate. Text messages or E-Mails are sent in the event of kiosk inactivity.

RMS-Kiosk Benefits
• Very Hi ROI
• Increased Sales
• Increased Customer Satisfaction
• Low Deployment Cost

3D store map: pinpoints item location to save customers time

Monitoring System: assures kiosk uptime